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Grilling Food Safely

Nothing beats an outdoor barbeque! Make sure that you and your family are safe this summer every time you grill. 

Wash your hands before doing any food preparation.

Keep every utensil and all cutting surfaces clean. Wash and sanitize cutting boards after cutting meat, poultry, or fish.

Thaw foods in the refrigerator completely before grilling. Never thaw food on the countertop.

Marinate meats in the refrigerator. Once the food is placed on the grill, discard excess marinade. Do not use this leftover marinade to baste food. To use leftover marinade as a sauce on cooked food, it must be brought to a rolling boil for several minutes before serving.

Use a thermometer to check on the internal temperature of cooked meats. Beef should be cooked to at least 145 degrees, pork to 160 degrees, and poultry to 170 degrees. Ground meat should be cooked to 160 degrees.

Transfer cooked foods from the grill to a clean plate or platter. Do not place cooked foods on a surface that has held raw meats.

If food is left out for more than two hours, it should be discarded.

District at Greenville in Dallas, Texas hopes that these helpful tips will assist you in improving your overall daily lifestyle. Once you read through these suggestions, feel free to apply our advice to your daily routine.

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